Doe Drying Up

Discussion in 'Dairy Goat Info' started by Bethel, Nov 27, 2008.

  1. Bethel

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    My Alpine Doe is not due until Feb. 15 would she dry her self up ? She has cut back to 14 oz. a day . an I was getting like 2 lbs. twice a day. She is not eating very much grain either . Is this normal ? Thanks for your help !!!
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    The drying up before they kid is normal, if she is noramally a big milker than no drying up this early to just this small amount is not normal. Having just one Alpine milker I can tell you the not wanting her grain is really abnormal :)

    Walking normally?
    Any changes in her diet?
    Look at the anemia chart on goatkeeping 101 Famacha...what color is her eye membranes compared to the chart?
    Is she getting enough hay to keep herself warm with your cold nights?
    She has plenty of unfrozen water? Vicki

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    It's normal for my girls to dry up when they're as far along as yours are. Some even dry up sooner...but they don't stop wanting grain. That would have me concerned. A few weks back, one of my does went off feed and acted listless. I gave her B1 and Norcalciphos. She's back to normal now and I've dried her up. Kathie