Do you think she'll live?

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    I don't know what to do.

    This morning when I was milking one of my normally piggish goats wouldn't eat her grain. I looked her over and she was slightly bloated. I removed her grain and gave her some baking soda.

    After I put her back in the pen I noticed she was in the hoop shelter messing with something. (Yesterday the LGD ripped part of the tarp off the top and I haven't had time to go out there and fix it) So I went out there and saw she was eating the insulating tape we used to cover the ends of the utility panels to keep them from ripping through the tarp - this tape had been covered by the tarp but since the dog ripped it down it was exposed and she has apparently eaten almost all of it! I ripped the little bit that was left off so there isn't any more out there.

    The tape has an aluminum face with foam adhered to it - she doesn't seem to be in any distress but she is not acting like herself.

    What on earth do I do??? Thanks in advance for any advice!
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    I would fill her full of oil and see if you can get it to pass quickly then rebuild her rumen. Or you can do nothing and hope she passes this. You will watch for obstruction which bloat is the first symptom of....then she will stop ruminating and stop pooping and die from septicemia as her rumen, one of the other chambers of her stomach or intestine perforate.

    Your other option is a teaching university, xrays and surgery. I would not even bother with a local vet. Vicki