Do you print your own labels???

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  1. I need to make a decision on wether to get some label printing software or get my labels printed at a print shop. :? i want a professinal looking label and I have seen some nice ones printed at home but I just don't know which way I want to go. Any help would be greatly appreciated!!!!!! :help

    Mary Lou
  2. Micrsoft Works has a simplistic print shop. And there are many out there that will do labels. There are even frre label makers on line that you can down load. I like PrintShop 21, Publisher Suite, Printmaster Gold, and Microsoft Picture It. Each have good and bad points. Tammy

  3. Narrow Chance

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    I print mine. When you print your own you are able to change the ingredients when you change them in your soap.
    Once printed at a print shop.. that's all you'll ever have on your label.

    I use Photoshop CS2 to design mine... and then Avery to print the 'cards'
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    I print my own and simply use word. I format it as a table. I use full sheet labels so I can print just what I want......lip balm, lotion, shea all on one sheet if that's what I need. *If* I ever get to the point of producing these things in greater quantities I'd probably do it a little different but this works for now.
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    I print my own. I use publisher. I buy the water proof labels for my lotions and LS - anything other than soap or bath bombs. I am thinking of covering the WP labels with clear packing tape for my LS or anything else that will get water on it because it still does run a little bit. My next big buy will be a good quality laser printer.

    I've been using publisher for 10 years to do just about anything (labels, flyers and newsletters for school, business and church, cards) and it is my BEST friend. If I ever was to lose it I would fork out the bucks to buy it again in a heartbeat.

    If I begin having professionals make my labels then I would have to be sure what I am having them make my labels for was something that was a red hot carry all the time seller (which really takes a bit of time to determine which you will always carry) or have just a generic business label with my logo and do my own simpler labels to differentiate the variety, etc. While I do have quite a few products I will carry forever, I just am not ready to commit to someone else doing my label. Then I will be stuck with 1000's I can't change. I just recently changed my whole look and am really happy with never know!
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    Avery I believe has a free program that works with MS Word