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  1. I need to DNA test a doeling. I will be sending in samples for my two mature Nubian herdsires and my question is, once they have been used in a testing like this is their DNA typing then sent to ADGA and they are "DNA Typed"? Or does the DNA Typing for the official records have to be done separately?
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    Contact ADGA they will send you forms to fill out and send in. You can send in hair on the buck to type him or your can send in hair from him and his sire and dam to verifiy his pedigree. It's cheaper to contact ADGA and do it that way than it is to contact the lab yourself, plus then ADGA will not accept the verification...there has to be a chain of custody from you to ADGA to the lab back to ADGA for it to count.

    Now do know that you have to prove the kids pedigree...so send in her hair, her dams and the two bucks in question....it can't be well if this buck is negative than this buck must be positive, they have to have to correct bucks hair for them to make the match.

    But yes then your bucks DNA is on file, and will state so on paperwork soon...already we have this on our applications of registry to collect this data! We are coming up in the world this ole slow to move forward ADGA!!! Vicki