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    My hubby saw the hand pump systems for sale on line and designed me a vacuum system using a vac pump & pressure gage that he had. It works great but now I wondering if a pulsator would work on a vac system. Any thoughts?
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    We need a little more information, than you have given in the above post, If you could post some photos of the system that has been designed, it will be easier for us to answer your questions.
    How powerful is your vacuum pump do you have a balance tank do you have a vacuum regulator what type of pulsator are you talking about? Will you be using clusters designed for goats or will you be converting clusters designed for cows?
    The basic order in which you need things set up is, vacuum pump followed by a balance tank then gauge then regulator then a line to your pulsator and milking machine.
    I built my own system a few years ago here are some photos of mine, it might give you some idea of what is needed.
    Pic 1 is the pump, balance tank, gauge and vacuum regulator. Pic 2 is the milking pail, pulsator and cluster by my milking stand. Picture 3 is the pail etc, I converted cow clusters to use on goats. Pic 4 is my whole set up.

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