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    Well I think I m ready to try discounting my gm. I need to know more about doing that first. I use the soap calc and need to know what number I need to change and how much has anyone discounted? I dont want it to trace so fast it makes my head spin so...any suggestions? I think I need to change the Water as % of Oils or the Water : Lye Ratio ?Set part of it? HELP.thanks
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    Hi Aletha,
    discounted bascally just means that you use less water/milk/aloe per recipe and your soap is ready to sell faster.. Now discounting can be tricky, because some fragrances never do well with a discount, florals especially and some of the mens fragrances.. That said, you should never discount with a fragrance that you have not worked with before.. only with ones you have used, that you know behave.. the ones that don't accelerate your soap or cause soap in the pot..
    Using soapcal, up at the top right hand part of the page is where you change your water/milk amount.. Do not discount any more than 40%, try 33% first... and work up to higher..

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    Barb I completely understand about only discounting soap that you have made before but I dont know where you mean to put the percentage...
    Which one's below do you add it to? The first one? It is already on 38% for the water as % of oils, I do up the superfat to 6%
    Water as % of Oils (is it here that I put in the 33%?)
    Super Fat/Discount %
    Lye Concentration ?Set %
    Water : Lye Ratio ?See (or is it here??????
    thanks Barb, your forever grateful student in soap making<G>
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    The line that says 'lye concentration', you can set the percentage there. I have some recipes/FOs that I do at 40%. Most are 33-35. A new recipe and/or FO/EO I start at 30%, 27% if I expect trouble.