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  1. Is it normal for does to continue having discharge 10 days after breeding?

    All 3 girls were bred Oct. 14th. All three of them have dried & fresh discharge on them. I know its normal for them to have discharge but didn't know for along afterwards.
    Thanks in advance!
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    Not here. Most have nothing more than dried semen on their tails and some sticking to the hair around their tails. You can feel the dried mess even better than you can see it. But then nothing. And if you don't catch this quickly you will even miss that they were even bred. No prolonged discharges here.

    I would worry about the buck who bred the does and that perhaps he is carrying a sexually transmitted disease. Did the same buck breed all the does? Vicki

  3. Nope. Zepher bred Delilah. Milo bred Georgia and Hannah.
    The discharge looks like the normal discharge after breeding.
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    For what it is worth... I have an Alpine/Togg with a short vaginal canal. She discharges for 2 days after breeding and again at 7-10 sometimes as late as 14 days. Lots of mucous as she is coming into heat which thins into almost nothing by a standing heat. Easy, easy to breed. The Saanen is deep and acts more like Vicki described. Almost no discharge at all at any time.
  5. Thanks for the replies. :) I'm waiting to see if they come back in heat. I hope they are bred.
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    I have one Nubian that will have some discharge when she has her heat and her twin doesn't. Different strokes....
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    I am sure that it depends as much on the number of times a doe is bred and the length and angle of her vaginal canal as anything. If our does are left in with the buck for 24 hours they discharge a lot of goo for a prolonged period if only for a few minutes their discharge is minimal.