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    What is the oldest age you can disbud? I thought I had someone lined up to do this for me, so I haven't got a disbudding iron yet. If I order one now, it'd probably be a week to ten days before I got it. My oldest are four days old. Will this work?
  2. I disbudded 3 week old kids for someone last year, they came out fine.

  3. Good Goats

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    A buckling I got once was disbudded at a month old, and he was fine. I have disbudded plenty of kids that are almost 2 weeks old.
  4. NubianSoaps.com

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    I wouldn't want you disbudding an older kid like this especially a swiss breed your first time. Find some to disbud for you or go to a vet for this one. Then buy your iron, read up on disbudding and disbud your next kids.

    I routienly do my nubians after they are a week old, some high multiple kids aren't done until after they are 2 weeks old, when we had lamanchas they were done at a few days old. But alot of the swiss breed kids need to be done at day 4. Vicki
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    I just disbudded mine at 4 days old this last weekend. My husband is home on the weekends to help me and I didn't want to go too much past a week. The little buckling was already getting pretty pokey at 4 days!

    I was going to do the cut and pop method when they were born, but used my scalpel on something else - plus after disbudding with an iron for the first time it wasn't so bad.