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  1. I have 2 doelings that did not get disbudded right away and now thier( buds) are almost an inch long. :blush :( Can we still use the disbudding iron on them?? THANKS!
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    yes but believe me it is a bloody mess as you have to cut off those horns so the iron will go on or else go get a calf iron. when you cut them off blood spurts everywhere and you have to carterize good before going further. and then you will have to tip your iron to get all around the horn base good. as if you feel the horn base it is probably bigger than your iron.

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    I have the same problem, only it's three. When we picked them up we were told they were to old for disbudding. Ours will be 5 wks old on Saturday. We are new at this goat owning thing.....ohmygosh! Good Luck. :crazy
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    Hello neighbor! I'm in Knotts Island. I raise Nubians and Saanens. Hope we can meet sometime. I'm about 35-40 miles from you.

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