didn't know doe weaning kids, drying up

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    I have a Lamancha who I believe is weaning her kids (nobody has seen them nursing and she kicks them away). She may have very little milk left...I went out and milked her this evening when I determined what was going on and she only gave me 1 cup. She caught me by surprise as I didn't realize a goat would wean their kids this early (5 weeks). I have only had goats for a couple of years and had not experienced this. I purchased her last summer as a first freshener. Anyway...is there anyway I can get this goats milk production back up? She is getting unlimited alfalfa and an organic feed now. She is getting about 1.5 cups of feed...not sure what it weighs but it is in ground form so it is dense and heavy. My ideas are....increase feed (maybe double it?) and milk 4 or more times a day. Anything else I can do? :(

    Allyson in Spokane
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    How are the kids weights? Do they seem hungry? They could be nursing less often and when nobody is looking. ;) Being 5 wks old, if their weight is good and they're not screaming starved, I'd separate them for a night and see what her udder looks like in the morning. If it's still empty then, yup, could be a problem. But I'd bet there will be plenty there. :)

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    Also, what is IN your feed? What's the protein content, fat, carbs, etc?
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    to increase milk after you have determind that she is getting the right protein, carbs etc. start milking her 3 times a day. do your normal 12 hr apart milk and throw one in the middle. after the supply is where you want it you can drop the middle milk......all this is assuming there is a healthy doe involved. there are also supplements but i dont use anything like that so not sure that works. good luck.
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    1.5 cups of feed doesn't seem like much for a doe feeding triplets. I would slowly increase her grain intake and see if that helps. Also, at that age, those kids are sucking down the milk. I would separate the kids over night like Neicie suggested and see what you have in the morning. Those kids do the hit and run method of eating and unless you watch constantly, you won't see them. I very seldom see the kids suck (about the same age as your kids) but I know they are getting plenty of milk. My does production has dropped, because those now huge kids are getting it all. I have enough for the house from my 6 milkers, so I don't bother separating the kids at night, and the bucks are leaving in about 3 weeks anyway, so I don't mind the small amount of milk right now. I did separate one of the does form her kids last week for the day and wow, did I have milk at the next milking.