Did I get the right tubes for CAE testing?

Discussion in 'Dairy Goat Info' started by Ravenwood, Feb 15, 2008.

  1. Ravenwood

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    Hello everyone,

    I hope to test my 33 goatsters for CAE this weekend. YIKES, should be a bit of an undertaking. 7 Nubians plus my meat herd of 26. If nothing else I should be a pro if I can actually succeed in getting blood from all (or, perhaps any!) of them :) Bear in mind my meat does are not very tame and are very chubby and hairy at the moment. Yes, this should be FUN ;)

    I am curious if I got the right tubes. I bought directly from our vet. They are smaller than I thought...only 4 ml. They are red topped and say "BD Vactainer" and "Serum" underneath that. If I put 3 cc blood in each will I be fine?

  2. Theresa

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    Yes, the red stopper tops are the ones that you want and I think 3 cc is plenty. Once I sent less because that was all I had from this one goat. I really thought they would send me a letter telling me that I needed to redraw it. But I got the results so there must have been enough.
    Good luck with all your blood draws this weekend. You will be an old pro after this. ;)

  3. KJFarm

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    Red Top tube is what you need. 1 cc of blood will be plenty for the test - I've sent in less than a cc from an unruly animal, and still was able to get the test done!
  4. Kaye White

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    Yes, serum tubes are what you need. No additives. Some had just over 2cc.

    Arrrggghhh...I pulled blood on 13 goats...BY MYSELF, :mad because I got ticked at DH for putting it off. I usually pull in Jan. and he's been draggin' his feet about it. I only shaved one neck and that was on a VERY FAT Sable that had a neck like a donkey! She got her collar clipped to the fence-high and her standing on tippy toes! Tee,hee....it exposed that jugular like a water hose. ;)
  5. Cotton Eyed Does

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    To me the Boers are harder to draw blood on than the dairy goats. I guess because of their more muscled neck.