Diatomaceous earth

Discussion in 'Dairy Goat Info' started by Narrow Chance, May 20, 2008.

  1. Narrow Chance

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    Has anyone used this? How do you use it.. and does it work?

    Is there any benefits if it does not work for parasites?

    (I've done some reading.. got some specifics.. but I do know giving to goats is a whole nother story)
  2. MRFBarbara

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    I use it, I dust babies with it during lice season because I don't like to use many chemicals on little ones. and I dust ledges in the barn where flies crawl etc.. it works except when it gets wet.. I also dust babies bedding with it..But i use the regular stuff on the adult does.. etc.. it will kill flies when they crawl thru it.. and they can eat if safely if you get the food grade.. I get mine at health food stores and buy it per pound...

  3. Sondra

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    Use it all the time on fire ant beds all over the loafing pens dusting etc. I do know that with cats and dogs giving it in the food helps keep the fly problems down and have mixed in with my feed for the goats also. BUT don't count on it for parasite control in your goats as a soul sorce for worms and or cocci. There are very few studies that have been done as to it being effective used in that way. NO proven results so tho I use it I also use chemicle wormers etc. ONLY way to know for sure is doing fecals Also I think if a person has a lot of pasture and pens and able to rotate fields then it might work for parasites but I don't have that option here.
  4. Sheryl

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    you can usually buy it by the 50lb bag at the feed store. Like Sondra said, it works for fire ants. If you put it in the goat's feed, it helps with fly control and if you dust it around. You have to reapply if it gets wet. It also has trace minerals in it, so it is beneficial in that area also. I have been told it is a great parasite control. I have not seen it work very well for goats. Now if you have kittens or puppies and they are wormie, you can give them goats milk for a couple of days with some DE mixed in and you will see them fatten up (without worm bellies) and their hair/coats will get really slick and shiny. I have taken sickley barn kitties and turn them around into healty fat cats. But I would not rely on it as a soul source of worm control for goats.

  5. Jo@LaudoDeumFarm

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    It is also very high in certain minerals, like silica which promote's soft and silky hair growth.

    It's also highly irritating to the mucus membranes and bronchioles so don't throw it through the air and inhale.

    There are some reports of it binding certain minerals up when fed to rumananints. I've got some of it in my boss and grain to keep the moths down. It's good for chickens to take dust baths in and for spreading around to keep the flies down on mulch piles.