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Yes. I have my DHIR information from ADGA. What's the saying? "Clear as MUD!" :biggrin Can anyone please explain the options (test plans?) to me in normal, new-to-dairy-goats, language?! Gosh, I have so many questions. Nothing seems comprehensible to me at all!

Which plan would you suggest for someone with a small herd (3-5 does)?

Our breeder has invited us to participate in her one day test in May. What will we be doing? What do I need to bring? How does that figure in to earning a *? I see the charts total milk production but is there a per day comparison somewhere?

What is the owner/sampler? How hard is it to do?

How hard is all this to do? I have one doeling who's mother is *10 and would like to try to get our doeling's star. I heard from the breeder that it won't happen as a first freshener but I thought to get experience we would participate anyway. I have a 2 freshener and another ff that I'd like to test. I figure I should do the simplest test possible until I figure it all out. ;)

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