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Deer corn overload !

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yesterday while I was busy with a doe kidding,I let the other doe out with her kids that are 2 weeks old to graze the yard ..... The deer corn in a metal trash can was suppost to be goat proof but the doe got into the corn and ate ? amount of whole corn .......... earlier today she pooped out clumpy whole corn but now its turned into soft cow plop and she seems to not be eating as much .... green cut banana leaves and not much dry hay .... WHAT do I do ???? This doe is 3 yrs. old ,shes been wormed when kidded and she has never been sick or had any antibiotics :help

Thanks !!
Linda/Bella Star
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I personally go with CT ANTITOXIN and baking soda. for bloat but Therabloat it best. Don't try stopping the diarreah or soft poo as she need to get it out.
When did she last have her CdT vaccine? If she is current, I would not give her any feed at all except for hay and water for a couple of days. I would also give her probios 10 grams at least twice a day. When you say you don't know how much she ate, do you have an idea how full the can was? Any way to tell an approximate amount? Make sure you have some baking soda out for her.
She is up eating grass and hay with no grain given, she acts normal , she doesnt look bloated,baking soda is out, kids nursing , fresh water and her CDT was given in the spring, I usually give the CDT 2x a year but only once this year. She had poop with whole undigested corn at first now its thinner than cow plop but not squirting. As far as the corn amount ,I dont know .. son said it was almost a full bag and now at least 1/2 full so maby close to 2 quarts :?
Can you get some probios in her?
Hope she is doing ok, silly girl.
I hope she is doing OK now.

I am a firm believer in Probios.
My goats have gotten in the feed many times and so far....Probios has saved them.

I use to buy it in those small tubes but now buy it in the big tubes that go in a caulking type gun.
Any time I have a goat off feed I give her a couple good squirts of that in the mouth.
If I am increasing feed I do it too. After they are finished eating.

Molly was off feed a week ago. I gave her some and two days later she was back giving milk and eating greedily.
she is still pooping out like a caulking gun , she is laying and the other goats are grazing , I cannot get her to give her probios , she is a meanie . She did eat some baking soda , she is not chewing her cud , she is a very loudmouth doe and she is quiet today, laying in the sand with baby kids beside her.
Boy I would think you need to catch her and give her some stuff. doesn't sound real good right now.
she did get up, drank some water and ate some grass she laid back down and chewed her cud ,she is now up eating more grass... when my son comes home maby he can catch her, when she kidded,I caught her,roped her to a tree and put a collar on her so I could catch her easier ... but she doesnt want you to touch her but she will come close by calling her by her name . Her mother doe (the 3 legged doe) was the same way and was never tame but the doe was very very healthy and worm resistant , due to having to put down her mama doe from old age and pelvic damage , Peggy Sue is the only doe we have left of our first goats when we started with goats , we are going to keep her lil doe that she had 2 weeks ago .
Well at least she is chewing her cud now and getting up now and then probably will be ok once she gets that out of her system.
I keep checking this post worried about this doe. Glad she is hanging in there, sounds good so far.
I think she will be fine NOW !! She was up to her ol self and bellering (part nubie) her head off for feed this afternoon but she didnt get any feed ......... WHEW !! she ate a bunch of that corn .
Oh that sounds so much better!!
I would get son to catch that girl and give her a CdT booster shot just in case she decides to break into the corn bin again, just so she will have a fresh vaccine on board. ;)
one thing would be get you a buck rag out to the girls and see if that doesn't bring them in, or take the buck to them a few days. otherwise lute to bring them in.
Good idea Chris , I will do just that as its time for her twins to get their first shot also. The doe is pooping stuck together berries but at least ... I see berries !! She was bellering her head off again this afternoon wanting some feed but she got -O- , I put out fresh minerals and B-soda , we still have pasture grass but we havent had any rain to get the rye grass growing but hay is cut and in the fields everywhere around here so there should be plenty of hay this year.
If her poop is berries now you can slowly start her back on her regular rations, but just a handful. I'm so glad she got better for you. :biggrin
Glad she is better, you have had your share of tough breaks for years to come. WHEW!
THANK to YA'LL ... my Peggy sue .. (doe) is fine ! :D

I was worried tho as I havent had a goat get into the feed and pig out and this was a new problem that I havent dealt with, I really strive for prevention before a problem happens but .... U know goaties when your back is turned :sigh
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