Deadly Night Shade?

Discussion in 'Dairy Goat Info' started by Daniel Babcock, Jun 18, 2008.

  1. Daniel Babcock

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    As many know my family just purchased 3 mini-manchas two weeks ago, I was just studying plants poisonous to animals and came across night shade aka deadly night shade. We have this plant all over our property.

    Initially I was quite worried, we put the goats in the barn, but as I have been reading more it seems that goats will not eat night shade or other poisonous alkaloids (sp?) unless they have noting else to eat.

    Is this correct? Can I let my goats wander our property and browse?

  2. whimmididdle

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    If I was to say that they won't eat it....they would certainly go get 'em a belly full.

    My goats are around lots of poison plants all the time, and for the most part they won't touch them. But listen, my goats get fed twice a day, and really have no need to go eat all that's green.

    It does appear that my goats don't have a very good sense about how poisonous azalea's are.( rhodadendruns SP?). So I got rid of what I had just to make sure that they didn't accidentally get in them. The rest of what is around me that is poison, mine tend to avoid.


    Edit...As a side note.....I hear of way more goats dieing from grain overload, than from eating poison plants. So be sure those new goaties can't get to your feed storage. This includes chicken feeds, dog feeds, etc.

  3. old dominion

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    Great comment about the grain.

    I have never had a goat eat night shade because something else has always been available.