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Discussion in 'Dairy Goat Info' started by Bilrite Farms, Mar 11, 2008.

  1. Bilrite Farms

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    We're finally warming up - got above freezing yesterday! We are thinking about getting a tank de-icer or a couple of heated buckets to use during this time when the temps fluctuate above and below 32. We haven't used either before so I'd appreciate hearing from those of you who use them. Which is better? What brand?

  2. BlissBerry

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    Personally, I much prefer the heated buckets. I have a couple in use and really like them.


  3. mill-valley

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    I like heated buckets better, they just feel safer to me. I used a 5 gallon from TSC for a few years, worked great and didn't seem to use too much power. I now have a bowl for the dog that's the same well too. Just make sure they can't get ahold of the cord. If you are using a large amount of water...deicers work okay but get the sinking ones and make sure they can't get to any part of it. the floating ones they will play with, the sinking ones not even the most mischeivious are willing to go dunking for!
  4. MRFBarbara

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    I have the eight gallon heated buckets and usually put two of them in a pen with about 15 does,, they can empty them in a half day easy when it is dry.. I really like them better then the deicers.. the cords on mine are wire covered so the goats can't chew them, but they do occ get alhold of them and play, end up unplugging them ..
  5. ecftoggs

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    We use the sinking tank de-icers and wouldn't be without them. You need to make sure they are on a grounded plug though because apparently when the de-icer is not heating it will send a small current creating stray voltage if not on a grounded plug. Not enough to kill an animal but they refuse to drink.
  6. Chaty

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    I have the heated buckets too and love them, but this year I got a sheep water tank that is the plastic type and put a floating deicer and zip tied the cord to the fence and the girls never have bothered it at all...This tank is small enough for them but large enough that I dont have to haul water 2 x a day. saves the back too. Because my DH always forgets to bring in the hose and it freezes...I love both for goats and horses.