Dairy Goat Operation for Sale, Northern NM, All Purebred Nubians

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    Hi - I am selling my entire dairy goat operation as a package deal. All goats are purebred registered ADGA Nubians. Bloodlines are Goldthwaite and Six M Galaxy, bred for milk production. There are 4 bred does (aged 1 year, a 2-yr-old, and 2 3-yr-olds, they will be these ages in the spring) and the bucks are one Six M Galaxy buck who will be 2 this spring and one half Goldthwaite half Six M who will be a yearling this spring. All does are now bred to the last named buck. All equipment is included and there is too much to list, but a brand new one-goat milker from Parts Dept. with a 35 lb bucket, two pairs of tattoo pliers, milk stand, kid box, all kid raising equipment, a 2 temp pasteurizer, a welded wire goat cage that fits in a pick up truck, all the feeders, etc. etc. etc. Price for the entire package is $5,000.00. This is located in northern New Mexico, sort of near Las Vegas, NM. Please be warned you'll need at lest two trucks to pick up all the stuff!! These goats have been shown in tough competition and have done very well. If you want to get started in goats, here is a great package for you. If instead you want to part out the herd and equipment you could probably turn a nice profit. Thanks for your time and have a great day!