Dairy Goat conformation and Showing.

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    I'm always interested in conformation and learning how to pick the best quality. I've got a good handle on canine conformation (as I plan to show in the future..just waiting on that spotty baby to be born!) and I have a good understanding of titles and awards in canines.

    Dairy goats however are a whole new ball park. :lol But it's something I'm interested in..

    I see many websites with titles and abbreviations added onto their goats name....anyone care to give a basic list of titles and what each means? Are there age restrictions for the goats in regards to showing like there is for dogs in AKC? Is there some sort of "point system" that helps determine who gets a Champion or Grand Champion?

    Second...I see people talking about good udders, attachments and so on...does anyone by any chance have pictures of good udders vs. less desireable ones?
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    Only can help u with the udders a bit and that isn't much but go take alook at Vicki/Kaye/Tracy and Sara's websites to see some winning udders.

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    I found the paperwork (with pictures...yeah!) that came to me from ADGA prior to my linear appraisal to be of excellent help. They are similar photos that they show you during the Judges training course. I would think that if you call them they would mail it to you. Or perhaps someone nearby you has it. Also, just attending a Linear appraisal is super helpful. However, IMO going to one or two shows seemed to confuse me as every judge seems to like something different. Now, after showing fairly often for 2 years, watching one LA and having my herd part of another I am really starting to "see"...

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    I do think getting the LA book from ADGA, it's cheap, is worth it for a start. So is visiting a herd. Any breeder should be able to show you most problems in their own herd if they are honest.

    A doe must win with 10 of the breed in milk, owned by at least 2 different exhibitors, 3 times, under 2 different judges to be considered a CH. A GCH means she has also earned her milk star (DHIR or a one day milk test).

    One of these three "legs" can be as a junior doe which means she went Grand under 10 juniors (does not in milk and under 24 months old).

    Just like in AKC there are all sorts of excepts....if there isn't 10 of the breed and she goes on to win Best Doe In show with so many other breeds sanctioned than she ears a leg. A Reserve doe pulled behind a doe in front of her that is already a champion gets a dry leg..etc. Why so many of us go by appraisal scores is because some show circuits are weak in certain breeds. vicki
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