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  1. Jo~*

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    Someone just gave me a book they had called "Storey's Guide to Raising Dairy Goats" by Jerry Belanger.
    Its like new and I am grateful for it but I was wondering what anyone here thinks of it?
    It seems to cover a lot of stuff.
  2. NubianSoaps.com

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    You couldn't pry my Goat Medicine book out of my hands. It is dog eared from years of use and the cover pages are jam packed filled with all sort of notes I have added.

    It covers alot of stuff.

    Teasing you. Read it, you will be able to tell quickly that it is very basic, will have very few things in it that you haven't already learned on here, and some stuff you will go "WHAT"???? Vicki

  3. Jo~*

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    Thank You Vicki
    I did see a very strange drawing of a LaMancha on page 11 kinda looks like an owls head on a sheeps body with a goats utter. :/
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    Prior to getting my dairy goat(s) I went to the library and got any and all goat books I could find. I say that the Storey's Guide to anything books are worth a read for beginners. But this forum is much much more helpful! I like the chart ideas and the floorplan ideas that I get from the books, but I love the actual info I get here!! I thought I would copy or retype lots of info out of the books I got, when I first got them (prior to finding DGI), but turns out I have printed and written down a ton of info from threads here and in the 101 section. I have a notebook for all the farm critters...Chickens, Horses, Goats, Cows, Dogs(well they have their own as I keep a LOT of records on my dogs...) I am now thinking I need to get the Goats their own seperate notebook as well. Horses and Chickens is basic info...(chicken section is mainly when they might lay, how to keep babies, etc; horse section is just Coggin's test and vet receipts)
    I may have to go look for this Goat Medicine....

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    "Goat Medicine" is the best book that I have here.

    Just keep in mind with lots of these "books" that much of the info is rather broad spectrum, and generic in nature. Goating conditions seem to always be a little different from one region to another, from one breed of goat to another, etc.....and remember that as time passes by, so to can your conditions change a bit. (For example--- worms that have become resistant to the wormer that you have been using for 10 years.......or breeding goats into your herd that have poor immune systems to start with.)

    Learning goating from "SUCCESSFUL" goater's that live in your area is a very valuable tool for you to go by......and even then, 5 miles down the road can pose you a little different set of challenges.
    Learning to take "basic" information and then tweaking it to fit your herd where you live is where you will find the most success......and to some degree, some of that practice is trial and error.