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  1. Jaxx

    Jaxx New Member

    I am interested in trying my hand at separating my goat milk this year and was wondering if there are any suggestions as to which brand I should be looking into?

    Thanks so much.
  2. SlavicBeautyNet

    SlavicBeautyNet New Member

    SlavicBeauty cream separator works great with goat's milk :

  3. rachelwilson

    rachelwilson New Member

    I enthusiastically second that! I love my Slavic Beauty cream separator. I can make ice cream, butter, and cream cheese all 100% goat's milk. It has a lot of parts to clean and put together, but if you watch the YouTube videos, it's not hard and I think totally worth it.

    I tried getting cream by letting the milk sit for several days and skimming it off the top. But I was never able to get enough butterfat in the skimmed portion to make whipped cream or butter from and I ended up wasting a lot. I was also concerned about freshness using that method. The Slavic Beauty works best on milk that is still warm from the udder. Can't get fresher than that!
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