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Discussion in 'Soap Making' started by Carolyn, Oct 20, 2008.

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    We went to the Craft show this weekend--I was shocked, customers were selling the soap! :biggrin We had one lady come through and bought 3 EO Orange soap just for stain sticks along with her personal soaps. She was telling everyone how she wets the end of the soap with water and the stain and rubs it like a stain stick and throws into the washer and it does better than any "store bought" stain stick she has tried--she looked at my DD1 and told her that we should find a tube like applicator. We told some people at one of the shows that we make our own laundry soap and use our soap in it. So one lady came and bought her bars for her laundry soap and then again--told the people around her that she loved it, what a good job it did and so that made more sales. Lady who bought for her son that had a skin condition and this was the only soap he could use--even with the fragrances when he can't use "store bought" soap, even soap that a doctor recommended. We also have 2 oz bars and many bought for gifts. And of course having pictures of the DGS's milking the girls is a table stopper--LOL. Lots of people stop to look and love the pictures and have to try some. It was a fun fun day--we sold out of many of our fragrances, but also the input was wonderful. I had the question about how it works in hard well water--we have well water, but is very soft, but now I have a lady that has very hard water with high amounts of iron in it trying it out for me. Anyone know how it works in very hard water with iron? They are going to get rural water next spring, but is going to try this for now.`We had some other things happen that will` bring a chuckle also, but we had lots of fun. Carolyn
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    Wonderful Carolyn! Word of mouth is always the BEST advertisement :D Most soaps do not lather well in hard water.

    Also, natural soap tends to leave soap scum in hard water. Ideally soap molecules bond with the dirt and oil on your body then get washed away with water. Because hard water has calcium and magnesium ions in it which bond with soap, it makes a greasy film aka soap scum. This also causes the soap to not lather as well and makes it difficult to rinse off. Detergent is soap plus builders that reduce the hardness of the water.


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    Sounds like y'all had a great time. Congratulations!