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  1. Keeperofmany

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    The mentality of a goat. I go out and give my goats grain in the morning and if by some strange unforseen occurance the chickens drop a piece of shavings into the goat's dish or heaven have mercy a stray piece of hay should make its way into the dish it has all of a sudden become unfit for eating. :/
    But I open the gate on the hen pen to feed them and the goats will push and shove their way into the hen pen on their knees and bellies to lick and lap up any food that may have fallen on that poopy dirty floor. They love it. They relish it. Now can someone explain this reasoning to me. :shrug2
  2. Kaye White

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    NOPE! But if anyone does...and makes a feed for goats that they don't *think* is for them...RICH Ole' A!

    Tee,hee...I use the "survival of the fittest" mentality on does that get picky on the milk stand. I put it in the herd feeders and if one goat will fight her for it...she gobbles it down! Now, explain that one to me! :really

  3. Rose

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    I have one goat who won't eat anything that has fallen on the ground, even a cookie!
  4. wheytogosaanens

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    Most of ours won't touch anything that has touched the ground.

    One doe won't take a "treat" if another goat has even sniffed it! Give her an unsniffed one...yes. sniffed, NO.

    Have seen the "survival of the fittest" mentality with alfalfa pellets. On the stand, No Way! Put it in the common feeder troughs and you are lucky not to get trampled to death. :crazy

    Goofy goats. Do they have goat psychiatrists...or just ones for us when they are done toying
    with us? :biggrin

  5. 2Sticks

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    My goats do the craziest things. :crazy We have an old mobile home in the pasture and today I went out there and of course the goats followed me. I went up the steps and went in, & then the craziness began. I heard a real racket so I opened the door and the whole heard was running around the mobile home in circles as fast as they could run screaming. :help I stepped out on the steps and told them I hadn't disappeared and they turned and started running around the mobile home the other direction screaming like they were being killed. :help2 I finally walked down the steps and stood right in their path as they came running around the corner. As soon as I spoke to them and they saw me it seemed to register with them and they ran to me and plastered themselves against me. Go figure!! Do you suppose they thought the bad, bad mobile home ate me ? And just to set the record straight, mine are the pickest eaters in the world. They'd never think of eating something that had touched the ground and they won't even consider a snack of a piece of fruit. All in all, you just gotta love them!
  6. leslieh

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    Didn't you know that they are all princesses and queens? We are just their humble servants.

    But if all else fails, Kaye's method works pretty good. I've been known to bring another girl just close enough that she can barely touch the feed bucket and the picky goat will start gobbling!

    Anyone want to write a book, "Goat psychology 101"?

  7. Chaty

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    :rofl I have some like that too...they will just eat it up and yep if you get out of sight they can really get crazy huh?
  8. Agape Oaks

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    Speaking of picky Peral LOVES animal cracker, but they have to be the organic ones from Costco....try to sneak in another brand & she'll grab it & spit it out with a oook of total disgust :)
  9. goatkid

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    My goats will refuse to eat hay out of a barrel if someone has put thier feet in it, but if I shovel it out and over the fence, they are all poking their heads through the fence to eat it. Whoever came up with the idea that goats will eay anything has never owned a goat.
  10. Ava won't eat anything that Xena has touched. Won't eat out of any container Xena's ate out of either. Definate rivalry there between those two. And they fight over their humans, going circles around Lindsey's wheelchair. Then Xena jumps into Lindsey's lap proclaiming her territory. The other two goats and I stand back until the ruckus is over because we don't wish to get trampled.
  11. Nigilover

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    I've noticed that the boys are not picky at all--- they eat anything, anytime, anywhere. But the girls----- well, that's another picky, picky story!
  12. J-Basqo

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    Explanations?? Nope! I dont have my pasture fenced in yet so all last summer on days I was home to supervise I let the goats out to graze..but if I had to leave, I would toss some browse over the fence (same stuff, fresh cut!)..not interested.
    It sure is fun watching a goat eat pine and fur needles though :) I have on who will pig out on snow covered branches, knocking the snow down on her until you cant tell her apart from the tree! Silly girl