Could she be pregnant?

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    I bought Claire a month ago. I have only bred horses and as they get more pregnant the veins on their bellies enlarge - I have noticed that on Claire.

    The lady I got her from kept all of her goats together. The buck had already been sold so he was not there when I saw the does so I did not think about them being exposed. She had twins on March 27th. I was told that she was a FF. She is getting wider and her milk production seems to be going down - these pictures where taken right after she had been milked. What do you think? :???

    [​IMG] [​IMG]
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    I doubt she is bred. If she is a FF it makes sense that her veins are getting larger as she gets farther into her lactation. Besides, it is pretty rare for a standard size doe to come in heat in the spring unless manipulated. It's also typical for them to get wider as they get older.

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    Most does have a heat only after 8 weeks bred, and it's really unlikely she would come into heat naturally in May. We have the info for sending blood into bio tracking it's like $7 or so and they are never wrong. Follow the directions exactly and make sure you have owned her passed the 35 or 45 days...sorry not in the going to kid mode :) Vicki