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    I just read the Corid info posted in 101, but I have a few questions.

    Do I do this treatment every month? Six months? As needed? Can I do this in conjunction with another wormer (Cydectin) or should I do one treatment and then wait to do the next? If I wait how long should I wait? Do I use Corid on my grown goats? Can I use it on lactating does? Pregnant does? What is the slaughter withdrawal?

    OK that's enough questions for one post ;)

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    For kids, it's every three weeks for five days, I think for their first year. Somebody correct me if that's wrong. In adults, you use it as needed, as indicated by fecal testing.

    Corid is not a wormer, it's for coccidia, which is a different organism. Yes, you still use a wormer as needed, as indicated by fecal testing.

    As a rookie, that's all my knowledge. :biggrin

    Someone with more experience will fill in the rest.

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    Start kids at 3 weeks of age. Treat for 5 days consecutively, wait 21 days (counting from first day of treatment) and repeat. You can use a dewormer at the same time as you are treating with Corid. Withdrawal is 48 hours for both meat and milk.

    You should not need to treat older animals; they develop an immunity to coccidia and will generally carry low levels that cause no harm. Most people keep kids on prevention for 6-8 months...this gives them time to develop immunity. Corid does not wipe out coccidia, it just stops them from getting to a harmful level.