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    Question...I have a friend that had two 3 mo. old kids that had cocci, so vet gave her corid and had her give it diluted. She was wondering though, since she just did the 5 day treatment of diluted corid, is it okay to go ahead and do the correct dosage given straight for 5 days? I'm going to have her join, but she's not on here yet...


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    IMO.....diluted corid ain't worth much in an active cocci case.

    If these kids are still having cocci problems, I would sure be treating them again (with something).


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    A vet reading a fecal on a chambered slide with 100 cocci on it may tell her she has a cocci the kid wouldn't even be treated. So knowing that our now older kids will have cocci levels equal to adults, but since we have been on prevention and the kids have excellent immunity now, it is of little consequence.

    Now if you are feeding rumenin feed and have a 100 on count than you need to treat because with some treatments you should have zero.

    Few vets have really good info on this because they give out the standard dosages for corid dosed for calves, the kid either dies or gets well, or didn't have cocci they never get a chance to refecal to see if their dosages are even correct. Only by letting our vets learn on our stock with proof on fecal, and our kids are healthy and big strong milkers the next year, will they stop cringing at our dosages on Corid, especially for us in the south. Vicki