corid dosing young does

Discussion in 'Dairy Goat Info' started by Anita Martin, Oct 12, 2008.

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    As my does have gotten older and heavier, the corid dose listed in 101 has gotten higher and higher. Please someone tell me how in the WORLD you get all that corid down those goats? I end up getting about half down them, half everywhere else. Also, is there any other drug to use with smaller dosages that actually works? I use to put it in their bottles...I wish they were still on bottles...(they are seven and eight months old)..I have tried to get them to take bottles or drink milk out of a bucket. They are much too queenly for that now! Darn.
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    Did you start them on the snowcone syrup when you started using the corid? I've got 90#+ doelings that are getting 20-22cc with snowcone syrup mixed in and they will take you down for the syringe. I can stand on the outside of the pen and whoever has the longest neck gets dosed first. Then I sort through to make sure everyone gets their doses.

    There are no "shortcuts" to coccidia prevention. Either you do it or you don't.

    I've got a couple of Obie doelings here that were not trained to the syrup. To dose them I have to put their heads between my knees, put the syringe in their mouths and slowly push the plunger. They are getting better at swallowing the corid...after stroking their throats a few times to convince them to unlock their jaws and swallow.

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    With such excellent fecals from the new dosages of Corid this year, I stopped using the corid when I weaned at 5 months. I do fecal every 21 days, and would put them right back on it if they needed it but we haven't. I was pretty shocked that they only needed worming after the hurricane, no cocci again. is also the first time I have ever kept kids in the baby pen this time of year. With fence damage everywhere from the hurricane, the baby pen is the only really safe pen I have to keep young does away from the bucks period. So perhaps since my pen is so much smaller due to my son building his house in my baby pen pasture :) it simply, with nothing to eat in it, is forcing them to eat more cocci medicated pellets and hay, off the ground so with no cocci in the soil from youngsters, we are home free this year.

    Learning to huge. I would so much rather go out and wait for someone to poop and run a fecal, or run it to my vet on the way to the bank, than to give anything orally to my litter...I hate busy work! vicki