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Colostrum… how often to milk

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My husband brought this doe home. She is a first freshener whose kids died. She had them two days ago. Her teets are tiny and one was completely clogged. I was finally able to express some colostrum this morning from both one teet producing double. My question is how often do I milk her and how much colostrum should I be getting? When will her milk come in? Does it matter that she has no babies? Her udder is very hard and this is my first time with a doe who didn’t come to me after weaning her kids off first


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First off twice daily for awhile until things look a little more normal.

BTW, do you know why the kids died?
I want to add something. You may need to milk for a while to get all the colostrum out of the milk. You may want to pitch it or use it for other applications until it turn to normal.

Teats are much elastic than you realize. The kids are much rougher than you might be, but if you are hand milking you may want to shave the udders.
1 - 2 of 5 Posts