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    Good morning all,

    I have CMPK oral gel, used on cattle. Is this the stuff that will hurt their throats? I had a doe have trouble last year, unfortunately we lost her. I didn't have anything on hand. I think it was a combination of a lot of things. Kids came out all different positions, she was way too fat, had quads, not enough exercise, too much food, I think she was torn on the inside. Live and learn the hard way. I picked this up at the vets. I'm trying to be more prepared for this year.

    Thanks Deb
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    Yes, the gel will burn the inside of their mouths and throat making them really not want to eat then.
    Feed stores carry the oral liquid and ask your vet for injectable Norcalphos or CMPK. It's going to run about the same price as you tube of gel.

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    I picked up a bottle of the CMPK injectable from my vet the other day. Can I use that and not have to use the oral at all? I dislike the oral after tasting it myself. I did find that the walmart recipe by Sue was much more palatable and I have everything on hand I need to make that. I'm much more prepared this year! Hope to start kidding next weekend. Just have to get my kidding stall fixed up as it is a mess right now..... I've had a hurt horse this week, so I feel lucky nobody decided to kid early! Should be finished up by Sunday with everything.
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    I use the injectable as it works so much faster than the other ...Kathy