Close to Freshening?

Discussion in 'Dairy Goat Info' started by tmfinley, Mar 18, 2008.

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    I have a year old FF. Actually I don't even know if she is pregnant or not. Her sister looks a lot more pregnant than her. From the date the previous owners gave me, if she is bred she should be due the middle of April. I just fed them and noticed white liquid coming from her vulva. Just one drop. It started raining so I didn't get to hang around outside with her for long to see if more would come out.

    One thing though, the buck was in with the girls when I went to feed them. Could they have mated and some semen was dripping out? I don't think she is in heat and he hasn't been real randy or anything, but I really didn't think she was bred.

    I'm starting to feel crazy. :crazy I have two Boer does that could or could not be bred and could or could not be due at any time also. I can't wait for next breeding time when I can know exactly who has been with the buck when. This is driving me nuts. :help2

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    yep it could be semen or it could be signs of heat or as I have a doe that has discharge every cycle all the while she is pg. Only way to tell if they are pg is to send in blood sample tis cheap $7 doesn't give you a due date tho. Oh and your not alone there are quite a few of us that don't have due dates on everyone.

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    Yep I have a Nigi doe I have been watching for 2 weeks now and she still is throwing me a curve...Guess when the fruit is ready it will fall from the tree...Welcome to the club of the Unknown... :biggrin
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    The club of the Unknown....Yup I am definitely a member. Have a FF Alpine that I did not know was preg. She sure is! I have no idea of the due date either and have been driving everyone on this site crazy trying to figure it out. :lol Still waiting for her to freshen. Hope you get the answers you are looking for. My doe has been making white goo (discharge) for the last few days.
    Do you have any pics of her vulva or a side view/top view of your doe. That might help others to answer your question better if they could see what you are.
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    Even after breeding goats for several years, I have a doe who has me wondering. I hand bred seven does over the course of two days. Six of them have freshened. Lotus would be at day 155 if she conceived the day she was hand bred. She's sort of a stocky Nubian two year old. She seemed to get wider along with the rest of the girls. She has no significant udder development, but looks like she could be carrying one or two kids. Last year, she was pen bred and had no real udder coming in. One day, there she was with a doeling. Kathie