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Discussion in 'Dairy Goat Info' started by Daniel Babcock, Jul 19, 2008.

  1. Daniel Babcock

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    I am going to burn some scurrs off my mini-manchas and so I purchased some cheap clippers ($7 Harbor Freight) hoping that maybe they would do the job . . . needless to say they did not. I certainly got what I paid for here!

    I see a number of uses for clippers, including trimming a doe prior to her giving birth, trimming a does udder etc for miling, trimming a buck to keep his stench limited and finally trimming for the purpose of showing.

    I have only 3 goats now and might expand to as many as eight. With quality and economy being my two major factors what clippers would you reccomend?
  2. goatkid

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    I use Oster A-5 clippers and like them. I have a friend who is a professional dog groomer. She recently bought one of the new Wahl clippers and likes it very much.
    For removing horns and scurs, I use the Rhinehart dehorning iron. Kathie

  3. shawhee

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    I have not used by clippers on my goats - yet. But I have Wahl's horse clippers - they are medium sized and have done well, used on the horses and my dogs - I have had them for about 4 years. They are the Km2 clippers.

  4. Bella Star

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    This year I bought the type that Vicki uses,
    Andis- model AGC2 , AGC Super 2 speed that's maroon in color and I bought mine at Atwoods in Tyler,Tx. for under $150.00 .

    You can also buy other blades but it comes with a #10 blade. It zips right thru goat fur like it was butter but I haven't tried to clip the dogs yet as they have hanging dirty mats and they dont like bath's.
  5. New Member

    Jeffers always has some sort of deal on clippers. Call 1800-jeffers and see if and when they are going to put some small clippers on sale in the equine or livestock catalogs. Andis are the best small clippers, faster, quieter, and cheaper. Plus the Oster wide blade fits them which makes fast work of bodies, fewer strokes. There is a blue set also that is really nice an around $60, I have not seen it in catalogs although it may be listed without a photo.