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    The thing about this disease is that Lab test don't really tell you anything except when testing the actual abcesses..

    Another problem is that too many breeders have just considered it a "nuisance" disease rather than the horrid disease that it is.

    Some believe that vacinating against this disease can prevent it. However, vacinating will not cure it if your goat already has it.

    The best way to prevent it is to never have it by purchasing clean animals. As others have said, this virus can live in the soil for years, waiting for the opportunity to infect your goats. Don't contaminate your property by bringing that disease on your farm.

    There are other abcesses that are caused by splinters or thorns etc. A CL abcess will usually have "toothpaste" type puss in it and it usually don't have much of an odor. They are always located on a lymph node. These are the ones you see, there are other abcesses on internal lymph nodes.

    This disease also is reported to be contaigious to humans also. Extreme care should be taken when dealing with this disease.
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    My other thought would be about how you would take your CL positive goats to have them bred! I don't own a buck and have to depend on a local breeder to have them bred each year. I have my girls tested for CAE and this year CL and the breeder I use has her herd tested also. If you had CL positive goats, it would be impossible to have them bred by an outside buck, I would think.

    I'm sorry for you, too. But kidding season is arriving soon and you should be able to find a good doe in milk in the next few months. ADGA is where I found our local breeders. Such great advice and good for you (and your daughter) to notice such things and have the brains to ask the group BEFORE you buy!

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    :nooo !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    RUN ---- RUN ----- NEVER buy a goat with CL !! I would never take a chance on a CL lump in the udder and drinking highly bacteria STAPH latent PUS in the milk !! I would never take the chance with CL in a boer ,meat goat or dairy goat for eating the meat as I would think that , where the spot was it would have scar tissue or residue bacteria from the PUS boil spot area and there would be a heavy loss of carcass meat .......... I dont care how pretty or how cheap that goat is .... """ RUN """ !!!

    People that has CL in their herd sometimes ,downplay this disease as there is nothing they can do to get it out of their herd as the CL will be around for many years IF you get it in your herd, as the bacteria will be all over the barn,in the walls,posts,stock trailers ,the feeders,soil ....... everything contaminated and every goat that you have WILL be CL+ , NOBODY will want to buy a CL+ goat... no matter how cheap or how pretty the goat is :down .... Dont doom your NEW herd start !! .... Wear shoe covers IF you even go to the CL person farm , It's SCARRY to me and I can really get in a tizzy over CL ......... :nooo In fact wear shoe covers OR wear shoes that you can clean with bleach water IF you go checking and out in someones barn area ,dont bring their dirt home on your shoes , yep I am a health fanatic .
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    When we got back from the place that had the goats I made everyone take off there cloths and shoes to be disinfected. Even before we got home I made hubby and daughter use the hand sanitizer I keep in the truck. I am even rethinking taking any goats I get to the fair next year! I'm even sorry I drank a glass of milk while there :goatteeth ---but it was really good :lol I am just so glad I did not buy any of them goats.
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    If you do decide to take animals to a show next year - be careful who you get penned next to. I always go in early and get the pens on the end and then have a pen to separate that I use for tack. I know it sounds weird - but I also take a heavy plastic bag and zip tie it to the ends and sides of my pens fro extra protection. On a local level - we have never run onto CL in goats that have been brought in - but we have had problems with people bringing in sheep with ringworm. It was the superitendents son and it took some of us getting the county commissioners to finally get them dismissed from the fair. Not something I would want to be next to.
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    Jo, You really already had a gut feeling about that doe from that farm :/ sounds like .
    You did a VERY good thing.... to try the does milk BEFORE buying to see if you like the milk taste.
    The milk you drank was fine as hopefully she didnt have a knot in her udder but for sure that doe was CL+ as if you saw other goats there with lumps, that lady's herd was just FULL of CL !!! That lady will always have CL unless she moves and even then ,I would think everything goat stuff would need to be gotten rid of and burnt .
    DONT settle for any goat....... LOOK till you get what you want as ,once you get a doe she will kid and your goats multiply fast and if you start out with flawed or sickly goat ... you will end up with a flawed sickly HERD ! BE picky,choosey and get the best goat you can find ! It cost just as much to feed a nice registered goat (if you want one with papers) as it does a sickly sale barn goat and cheaper in the long run as sale barns are where the culls go. CALL your local feed stores and ask them for goat peoples names and numbers ,maby even try your local large animal or livestock vet for goat people to find a GOOD healthy goat .
    GOOD LUCK !!!!!!! and the wait and search will be worth it !! :D