Chlorhexidine & Probio ?'s

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  1. I got the Chlorhexidine today. I had to order it off of Jeffers because I couldn't find it here in town. Do I dilute it? The bottle says 1 ounce per gallon of water. Just wanted to make sure before using it.

    I have two pygmy does. (Yearlings) I had put them in with Tucker (Nubian wether) and Mike (Pygmy Wether) and they beat the snot out of them. And wouldn't let them eat much. They have a fluffy coat so I didn't know how thin they were until I put my hands on them and they are quite thin. I can feel their ribs, back bone, hip bones.

    I went ahead separated them and wormed them with Ivermectin Injectable Cattle & Swine wormer. They are getting grain and hay. Would probios benefit them?

    Thanks in advance!
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    Yes, you do have to dilute the Chlorhexidine. I put a little more then 1oz per gallon. I usually put about 1/4 inch in the bottom of the jar then fill the rest with water. Probios won't hurt them one way or the other. B12 might help some too.
  4. Thanks for replying.

    How much probios should I give them? What is B12? (Shot? Something thats given Orally? I've never had to give it before.)
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    B12 is an injection but it is also part of the B Complex the shot is given sq and usually I just give a 3cc shot of it. It won't hurt these little guys and may help them in gaining weight. What how much grain you give them but give them all the hay and alfalfa pellets if you don't have alfafa hay that they want.