Chelsea kidded

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    Chelsea had triplets this afternoon. She had all by herself the short while I wasn't looking. I swear, some animals just won't birth their young when they are being watched. She did that last year and I had a cat who was that way. This is the doe who had the prolapse last year. So far, so good this time. She still hasn't finished cleaning out, but everything looks good. Two bucks and a doe. Triplets were a surprize. I figured twins from her size. My little house baby has a companion. That makes 9 babies so far, three does, 6 bucks. From the way udders are looking, I think my 6 year old Nubie, Cozette will be next. Kathie
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    Alright Kathie, And triplets taboot.

    Celina hasn't uddered up alot so I'm still waiting. She's looking closer and miserable, but not there yet.

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    I think I have a FF like that. She's driving me :crazy Congratulations on the Triplets!!! Pics please! :handclap