CD & T Vaccinations

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    I just bought a doe from a very well known, reputable guy, who actually did his thesis at Clemson University on CAE., anyways, this doe has a knot from where he gave her, her CD&T shot behind her front I still have to give her one and then again in 21 days. His herd was impecible...I did worm her with quest and have been giving her probios and red cell. My husband said, well if it was one of my children, I would never want more than what is needed...although we don't vaccinate our kids, but our goats, yes!
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    But, you aren't eating your children or drinking their milk. :D

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    Does he have a date for you on her first vaccination? You can just redo it in 21 days from the first vaccine. You only have to start over with 2 more shots if she didn't get her second vaccine on day 21.

    You vaccinate your goats because you will be disbudding, tattooing and once a month you will be trimming feet, ...all invasive procedures that can give tetanus a foot hold.

    Our children get immunity via the placenta the 9 months in utero, not so for goatlings. You only shot at immunity is with colostrum in your goatlings, so you can see how vaccination is more important.

    Tetanus vaccinations are of course the most important one for goatlings. And for farm kids also. Certainly at the hospital for stitches your child will get tetanus vaccine. The problem with it and goats is that we don't see all wounds to vaccinate only when they are injured. Vicki