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    I've been reading various places on the timing of these shots, and I'm getting a bit confused. Some folks give pregnant does a CD/T vaccine prior to kidding and then still vaccinate the kids--and at apparently different ages. Some folks vaccinate pregnant does only and depend on them to pass immunity on to the babies. I'd like some info on this, as I've yet to give my new little herd any vaccines. Isn't there a pneumonia one I should get a hold of, too? What is that, and when should it be given?
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    Here is a GREAT post from Vicki ,on everything you wanna know and asked about in Goat Keeping 101
    ......... Management from Birth till Kidding. Under construction....,it covers CD/T amounts and when to give to both doe and kid's .

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    As far as "pneumonia" vaccine....I do use one for upper respiratory infections. Have had good luck with it in the last 4 years. I use Bovi-shield FP 5 L5 made by Fort Dodge. It's a cattle vaccine but has been a great help in stopping the goats from getting sick every year after the fair. I use a 2 ml dose IM once a year, usually dose about 4 weeks before fair.
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    1. You will read about anything you want on the for it being correct?? Not generally. Lots of people just "parrot" what they've heard without any research or tried methods to back them up.
    I believe you find somewhere near 100yrs. of experience on this forum...from pre-internet to present day. some of the drugs used and doses are for cattle only...not taking into consideration the metabolism of goats.

    As for pneumonia vaccines...unless you intend to show or haul your goats, it's not necessary. If you do...then consider a KILLED vaccine for goats. And right now, I don't have time to explain why.

    Use Vicki's chart to vaccinate.
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    I use Bovi-shield FP 5 L5 made by Fort Dodge.

    What pnemonia's does this cover Beth?
    Do your goats get this type of pnemonia?
    So is it the vaccine really working?

    AFter the inital setting of your management you then have to sit back and go...why, when, what, how and change it up to fit your goats.

    I use the pasteurella vaccine because it's the only vaccine my goats have been diagnosed with or my friends have come home with at the same show with sick and in some cases animals who have died when mine never even went on antibiotics. Of course it;s not fool proof and a vaccinated doe will die now and then but it's rare.

    When moving or bringing in stock this time of year I want them vaccinated before the trip, then in strict quaranteen because it is so catchy. Vicki
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    Vicki...this is probably more coverage than I need. However, it's the one we use to use on the cows so it was around, tried it one year and unbelievable the difference. I haven't had a goat come home sick since I started it. It doesn't cover pasturella. The front says bovine rhinotracheitis-virus diarrhea-parainfluenza3-respiratory syncytial virus vaccine plus the five types of lepto which is probably unnecessary now that I think about it. It must be the parainfluenza...hmm. You've got me thinking now. I guess I never really looked into it that well....but it works.