Casual poll about graining on the milk stand

Discussion in 'Dairy Goat Info' started by Katarina, Feb 2, 2008.

  1. Katarina

    Katarina New Member

    Assuming that you grain on the milk stand...

    1)what do you feed?

    2)How much do you tend to feed (per milking)?
  2. Sondra

    Sondra New Member

    whole oats/beet pulp/BOSS/barley/cracked corn(tinybit)
    1 to 2 lbs per milking per doe depending on doe her needs and production.

  3. goatkid

    goatkid New Member

    In my barrel, I mix 1 50lb bag of dry COB with 5 scoops 12% protein sweet feed pellets, 4 scoops 16% goat lactation pellets and 4 scoops of BOSS. I feed the milkers a half to a full scoop of this mix each on the milk stand (I haven't weighed it). I then mix 4 scoops of grain mix with 2-3 scoops of alfalfa pellets and pour it into feed pans in the goat yard so the kids and the does who are raising kids can have grain as well. I let the does who were milked in to the pen a bit later to help clean up the grain and pellets. This seems to work for me. None of the goats are too thin and they don't look any fatter than the Nubians shown by other breeders.
  4. MayLOC

    MayLOC New Member

    have feed mixed at 200lbs.whole oats, 200lbs.barley and 100lbs. cracked corn. give milkers a handful of sunflower pellets (black gold calf feed :D) on top of feed.

    feed min. of 2lbs. /milking (1 sm. coffee can) and go from there depending on the does' needs.
  5. ecftoggs

    ecftoggs New Member

    We buy a commercial 16% lactation goat feed that has steamflaked corn, oats, protein pellet and we add extra beet pulp. We will feed according to stage of lactation and amount of milk being produced. I had read that you should feed 1# of grain for each 2# of milk produced, so when our does peak at 12-14# per day they are getting as much as we can get in them.
  6. Karen Bailey

    Karen Bailey New Member

    I mix 4 scoops (3cups/scoop) alfalfa pellets, 1 scoop whole oats, 1 scoop 16% horse grain, 1 cup Beet Pulp, 1/2 cup BOSS and 1/2 cup calf manna until my feed storage containers are filled with the mixed feed. Each goat gets from 1/4 cup to 4 cups 2 times per day on the stand according to stage of lactation, pregnancy, and appetite. Chopped alfalfa (comes in a bag) is fed in hay feeders 1 time per day, and bermuda hay is available at all times.
  7. Kalne

    Kalne New Member

    barley, BOSS, corn, minerals, from 1-2.5 cups right now
  8. New Member

    Whole oats...some rice bran and soybean meal in the bottom of the individual bowls (about 1/2 cup of each). I challenge feed so each doe is getting more or less to stay in shape and milk. Alfalfa pellets, minerals, hay and water in the barns as always. Vicki
  9. Truly

    Truly New Member

    1/2 whole oats, 1/2 whole barley, about 2 cups each and a handful of BOSS. I will add more if she runs out.

    Free choice minerals, baking soda, alfalfa pellets and grass hay.
  10. Jo@LaudoDeumFarm

    [email protected] New Member

    The last few years it's been a low protien grain mix (13%) that's mostly small grains. (organic or transitional) Buckwheat, barley, oats, field peas, plus some kelp, salt and I think a dairy mineral. (We've been trying to avoid soy and corn and mollasses.)
    Last year we also started giving them a ration of alfalfa pellets too, since good alfalfa was hard to get last year.

    I've got a bout 6 bags left and then we need to order more. But now I'm not sure if we are going to be ordering the same mix or just moving to oats and barley. Our supplier sent us a note saying that some grains are in really short demand right now due to ethanol production. Which also means that the price is going to be up a good bit too. I'm tired of the price increases. There went my idea of the goats paying for their feed. :mad
  11. homeacremom

    homeacremom New Member

    A mix of 40 lbs. of BOSS, 50 lbs clean oats, 20 lbs cracked corn...
    Does get varying amounts of this on the stand. I challenge feed at the beginning of lactation and go from there. I think the most I ever gave was 5 lbs a day for a 12 lb milker. She did just as well on 2-3 lbs a day. :??? I have never been able to get my does to eat this grain mix at the 1:2 ratio given as a standard. More nutrient dense? To much sunflower seed?
    Alfalfa hay or pellets, mineral, etc are in addition to the stand rations.

    Bonus rant :lol ...
    Even with the current high feed prices AND a large portion of BOSS my cost of bedding, grain, hay, and mineral for bucks and does divided by milk that comes into the house ( not including milk fed to the kids) is projected at $2.50 - $3 a gallon for this coming season. It was $1 three years ago,and pushing $2 last year. Even at $3 a gallon I am still in line with the cheapest store bought junk ;) so I think we're doing well to have raw goat milk to consume freely. If we have a good hay year and possibly storage space to buy oats off the farm, BOSS out of the garden, our cost per gallon just might drop back to $2 a gallon or less; plus my bucks ought to be grown out by then and consuming less. Besides loving the goats and the milking, dh is sensitive to cow milk and totally intolerant of the homogenized/ultra pastuerized stuff. Especially after looking into the processes of commercial dairy I feel really good about $3 a gallon plus a little work.
    Dewormers and tests, etc come out of kid sales.
  12. Cotton Eyed Does

    Cotton Eyed Does New Member

    I feed 1 1/2 pounds of a 12% dry horse grain on the milk stand. My Alpines milk a lot and this amount twice a day seems to keep them in good condition.

    I give them each 3 pounds of Alfalfa pellets in their trough to eat on during the day. The next morning there is usually just a few pellets left in the trough.

    Free choice grass hay, minerals and clean water.
  13. Corky

    Corky New Member

    I feed a mix of 2 one pound scoops oats, one scoop barley, 1/2 scoop BOSS, and 1/2 scoop calf manna. This makes enough to feed my goats for one milking.
    I have 4 does and they eat a lb on the milk stand. Some eat more some less.
    Their choice.

    Now they get only one cup per day as they are dry. I feed a little to help with calcium absorption.
    I have had calcium problems with kidding and am trying to fix that.
  14. stacy adams

    stacy adams New Member

    I mix 2:1 rolled oats & barley in the feed bin and the milkers get 1-2 lbs depending on who it is, how much they're milking & what they need to stay in condition. They all get a handful of CalfMana mixed in, and I'll be adding a small bit of sunflower oil this year to their grain to see how that works out. Not only was BOSS becoming expensive, but half my herd won't eat 'em, so I'm going with the oil.
  15. Ashley

    Ashley Active Member

    I'm currently feeding two does. They both get 1 lb Whole Oats at each milking, plus a handful of BOSS. They also get alfalfa pellets. Their hay is a bermuda / red clover mix.
  16. Aja-Sammati

    Aja-Sammati Active Member

    Dry COB (corn, oats & barley) + rice bran pellets if they will eat them.
    1-3 lbs per feeding, how much they are putting in the bucket, condition, etc. Most get 1 lb per milking.
  17. Ravenwood

    Ravenwood Guest

    Can someone please clarify for me...when you say a "handful of BOSS" are you talking per MILKING or per DAY?

  18. stacy adams

    stacy adams New Member

    Usually it's per milking.. what they get in their grain mix, so that would be a handful of BOSS, twice a day.