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  1. Madeleine M.

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    I have a Nubian wether that I have been teaching to pull since April. He is doing really well, so I thought that I might be able to save a few boys from freezer camp by training and selling them as cart wethers. Does anyone know if there is a market for cart wethers?
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    I have thought about doing the same thing. I don't know if there is a market out there, but everyone that comes here just loves how friendly our goats are. I would definately bottle feed these guys, which of course, makes a profit on them impossible. To get them mature enough to actually be able to settle down and pull a cart would take several months, and lots of your time, so maybe you could get people to adopt them young, and then have you give them a little help when the time comes to train them to the cart. I do not eat meat, so I too have a hard time with thinking about selling my boys off to the meat market. (Why can't we just have girls?) However, I think that morally, I feel like becoming someone's dinner, provided it is done humanely and with as little stress as possible, preferably WITHOUT having to go to the market, would be a better end than ending up as an uncared for pet, living at the end of a tether without food, or water or shelter.

    In these uncertain times, with gas prices and everything else skyrocketing, I personally feel that people will hear a calling...however faint, to get back to the earth and at least a little bit of self-suffiency, with gardening and raising their own small animals for food. Maybe these people, who used to run all over town shopping and eating out and wasting gas, would LOVE to have a well-trained cart goat to help them with chores around the yard. And how about a pack goat to take on hiking trips?
    I think that there is a market out there, although not a very profitable one, for at least some of our excess wethers and un-milkable does. Maybe you could help spread the word by taking your trained goat out on the trail where people will see him? Load him up with some of your soaps and cheese and do a parade, or go door to door. That might be a good way to show people how friendly and sweet goats can be, and give them the idea, which they never had before, to get a goat!
    Good luck!

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    I sold a yearling Nubian cart wether a few years ago. I think I got $200 for him. I am sure he cost me more than that in milk, feed, wormer, vacc, labor, etc while he was here.

    He pulls an antique pickle wagon at Renaissance festivals and probably draws quite a crowd :D

    Honestly, you are better off butchering young and selling as dog food. If not that, butchering at a few months, taking them to a locker that packs for resale. In some places goat meat is selling for as much as $6/lb. I have a very nice locker plant here that treats the animals with respect.

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    I know a girl in WV who sells a few every year, cheap and very young! Yahoo groups has several list for cart goat people.