Can you double the Wal*Mart recipe?

Discussion in 'Soap Making' started by Madeleine M., Oct 26, 2008.

  1. Madeleine M.

    Madeleine M. New Member

    We are selling out of soap faster than we can make it. Is there any reason not to make double batches of every scent?
  2. cmharris6002

    cmharris6002 Guest

    I think there are people on here that make double batches or larger. If you have a small handblender you might not be able to mix the soap all the way through. Personally, I like to make three batches in a row rather than making larger batches of soap.


  3. SherrieC

    SherrieC Active Member

    I do too, I have a hard time dumping larger batches, but I'm using ss pans, If you use a 5 gal plastic bucket with a handle, and a drill with a longer stir, why not?
  4. New Member

    Get a 3 and 1/2 gallon bucket. They are wider, rather than taller like a 5 gallon bucket is. You can then double the recipe, using your normal stick blender. Doubling the recipe is not to hard to pour for goat gals who lift 50 pound feed sacks and tote hay :) Now city whimp gals???? sure :):)

    Now tripling it, I can barely pour the first mold, and yes you have to use a larger stick blender or you have to spend time stirring up from the bottom of the bucket, even in the 3.5 gallon bucket. If I had consistant help I would do larger batches than this. vicki
  5. chewie

    chewie New Member

    wow, i'd like to just see a pix of all that much soaps, all drying and cut, must be a beautiful sight!
  6. Anita Martin

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    When I doubled the recipe I did not get a good stir with my stick blender in the same pot I normally used. It was nearly full to the top and my stick would not go down to the bottom. I ended up with some lye pockets in some bars. The soap is really nice though, other than that. I've cut up several bars into tiny squares and incorporated them into other soaps for contrast. I'll have to get one of the 3.5 pound buckets. Never thought of that! I'm getting my daughter interested in soaping so she can help me do some fancier bars. She lives about 44 miles away, but on weekends when she comes out I plan to put her to work!
  7. Carolyn

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    We have the same problem--can't make it fast enough, so Marisha has 2 stick blenders--- one in each hand--it is tricky, but she has everything measured out-- and has a stick blender for each hand--it is quite a sight LOL. Carolyn