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Discussion in 'Dairy Goat Info' started by Carolyn, Jan 31, 2008.

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    A while ago, we had a disaster!! I was really upset and feel that I should have known better, so I feel responsible. It was one of those weeks, that the temps were in the low 40's and then dropped way below zero, so DD2 put the wether in with the full sized does ( minis are by themselves, close to the house) Everyone was ok at 8 in the morning when DD2 checked on them, but at noon, she went out to check on them and Betty had a broken neck!! the wether evidently hit her HARD, we figure she would have kidded within 24 hrs. She was a bossy opinionated doe who decided when she was done milking, it was a fight, but she was a 1 1/2 gallon a day milker and although we went through a period of time where we had to fight with her to milk her, she did settle down and still milked about 4 lbs a day at 14 and 16 months after freshening. She was just an average looking red Nubian doe, but I had waiting lists for her kids, both does and bucks. The wether had been with the does for 3 or 4 yrs and never showed any aggression to them, but he broke our bucks neck also. It was too late to save the kids, at noon she was cold and DD felt no movement for the kids at all, so it must have happened shortly after they were checked on at 8. I felt terrible, this is the only wether I have ever had and he had never shown any aggression. We pulled the other doe immediately, she is very timid and I don't think she would challenge him, but ya never know. Do you think it was the hormones of the doe? they have free choice hay in several locations so it wasn't a food thing. I know that there are things in life we can't control and things happen, but I see so many great things happen on this forum but I lose a doe to a broken neck, which I think I should have known better. I have OCD and panic attacks, which come and go, when things happen that I think I should have known better, they haunt me and I obsess about them, so I had get this off my chest. He is off by himself again and I think he will have to be destroyed. I can't take any chances of him getting out to hurt or kill anything else. He loves people, just a big big Snubian wether. Thanks for listening. Carolyn
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    I'm so sorry you lost your doe. Please don't keep beating up on yourself. Sometimes these things just do happen. I can relate to obsessing about things as I do it too, sometimes. Now that you have learned what your wether can do, you have done the right thing by keeping him away from your other goats. If he were mine, he would go in the freezer.

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    Oh, I'm so sorry! We just can't be with them 24/7. We had to put two of our bucks together for a short time and I was so worried about my Kinder getting beat up by the Nubian but it was the other way around! My Nubian's ear somehow got injured and looks like he's going to lose a good portion of it. Ugh. This spring I don't care what it takes, I am setting up separate areas ready for anyone who might need to be kept alone. :/
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    No, I wouln't keep beating myself up over it either. I wouldn't have thought that a wether would have been that aggressive towards a doe.......most are not. I could see where you could have wrote the buck killing off as a freak thing, but now this is strike 2....I for sure wouldn't give this ole boy another swing at the ball. Too risky IMO...

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    OH am so sorry! Know that isn't much help but gosh some things just happen and we don't have cyrstal balls to see ahead for an outcome. So
    let it go and keep him separated or he'll make good sausage
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    Gee Whiz... Sorry to hear that. Never heard of a goat butting another one hard enough to break their neck. How weird. I guess she couldn't have got her neck hung in something huh? If you know for a fact that this wether did it I would grind him up in sausage. Mix him with a couple pork butts and yum, yum, yum.
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    What a traumatizing and horrific thing to happen to you! I am so sorry! ((HUGS)) That was a freak accident and nobody can predict the future (not even for $2.99/minute! LOL) Don't feel could have happened to any one of us. I had a doe break her neck on the fence this year and felt absolutely sick about it. These things happen and its really, really unfortunate but nobody's fault. I agree...the whether should probably be destroyed. I'm so sorry you've had to go through this.
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    Oh my stars, I am so sorry for your loss. If it were me the wether would have to go and I am not sure if I would trust him around anyone else's livestock. Please quit beating yourself up, I know the stress that beating yourself up can cause and the depression too. It is a tragic story but you must not beat yourself up anymore.

    Sending <<<<HUGS>>>>

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    I'm so sorry. I tend to over analyze situations too and I'm a worrier. Hope the warmer weather makes
    the weekend a bit brighter.

  10. Since being on DGI I have read a thread or two about aggressive goats and have come to the same conclusion, if a goat is overly aggressive (enough to seriously cause harm or death) that goat has got to go. We have a doe right know that will be going in September to a nice horse corral to be a pasture buddy. I want her kids and milk first. She will have to be separated after she kids so she doesn't harm Xenophen (of which most of her aggression is bestowed). She is snicky too. She will deliberately box Xena in the barn to butt her. Just plain naughty.
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    Oh my gosh!! I am soo sorry to hear that. I would X nae the weither bigtime. gotta go!
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    This is just so sad.

    I'm so sorry. Obsession won't help. (but you knew that)

    It'd be the freezer at this place too.
  14. Melissa

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    sorry about your goats!! I too wouldn't give this guy another chance to kill again. he apperently knows too well where to hit and how hard.

  15. Corky

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    This is so sad but there was NO way you could have know this would happen.
    I would send him to the butcher ASAP.
    No point in putting him down and wasting all that wonderful meat.

    We butchered a year old wether and he tasted wonderful.
    We butcher him because he was the one getting beat up on and the buck was going to kill him sooner or later anyway.

    This is a farm and I am finally getting over the pet syndrome that those of us from the city tend to have. Besides... Goat meat is awesome!
  16. Aja-Sammati

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    I am so sorry you lost your doe, especially when you were looking forward to kids. We had a wether once that started beating the crud out of his dam...he tasted wonderful as brautworst :D The ram that decided to beat on her became a nice ethnic meal, and his skull is beauiful on the tree... No one beats on my does, lol.
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    I am SO sorry! We just moved a dry (almost) yearling in with our buck, as we have bred her 3 times now, without success, and we have new babies, and she takes pleasure in ramming them into the wall repeatedly, so she either has to go down the road, or in with our buck (until she settles.) She is doing fine in there, tho I have been ready to sell her for a couple of months, as my personality really clashes with hers. lol.... Hubby adores her tho, so am hoping that she concieves soon, and at least earns her keep with a couple of meat kids!..)