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  1. Ok I use to be on a goat forum. They were discussing milk fever/ketosis or something like that (I cant remember and dont really care to go back and find out.) Anyways. A member posted...

    "And remember, remove all alfalfa hay/pellets during the last month of pregnancy."

    That got me thinking....I knew I had read somewhere that the does need calcium for the growing kids. So I searched through goatkeeping 101 on here and found the articles by Sue.

    SO am I correct in my thinking.... Pregnant does need the calcium so alfalfa hay/pellets should not be taken away?

    Thanks in advance!
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    And remember, remove all alfalfa hay/pellets during the last month of pregnancy."

    this is a totally false statement go to Goat 101 here and read Sue Reith's article on hypocalcimia and ketosis

    at least 3 lbs alfalfa pellets and grass hay is what is fed to my goats year round unless I can't get hay. then 100 days bred start adding in grain gradually.

    Yes you are correct your pg doe need the calcium

  3. Ok thankyou! I thought I was and just wanted to make sure.

    I did search for those articles by Sue Reith and printed them out for future reference.
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    That was the old school of thinking. Goat breeders used to think that by feeding alfalfa at the end of pregnancy, the doe would forget how to pull her own calcium from her body and get milk fever. I tried cutting alfalfa in half one year, after I heard that, and had two does get milk fever. At the 07 ADGA convention they were telling folks to feed alfalfa to their pregnant does. My goats get their alfalfa and also some grain before kidding.
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    It becomes a mission to stamp out old cow information passed all over the internet.

    It's a huge leap to assume your goat has enough calcium stored in her bones and blood to grow 1, 2, 3 or 4 kids from the size of small puppies to 8 pounds each, fill an udder of colostrum and not ruin her bone health or her metobolic health in 50 days! Vicki