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Discussion in 'Dairy Goat Info' started by Halo-M Nubians, Jan 23, 2008.

  1. Halo-M Nubians

    Halo-M Nubians New Member

    The wait is over!

    Looks like Bio Tracking is offering the ELISA CAE test now. I'm excited that the 4 samples I'm sending in on Mon can have their yearly test and preg at the same time!
  2. J-Basqo

    J-Basqo New Member

    She already called and told me, but still a big YAY!!!! I am totally jazzed, I have 2 that need pg check anyway. It will be SOO nice to just send everything to the same place once a year! :)

  3. Tim Pruitt

    Tim Pruitt New Member

    So what's the price?
  4. Ravens Haven

    Ravens Haven New Member

    last time I checked $4.00 and as far as I could tell No accession fee.

  5. Tracy in Idaho

    Tracy in Idaho Member

    For my 27 goats it actually worked out to $3.50 more than WSU -- not counting shipping because I Priority Mail to both.

    I wish they had gotten this going earlier in the breeding season so we could have used it this year. Ah well.

  6. KJFarm

    KJFarm Senior Member

    I've had several ask me if I knew of anybody who has used BioTracking, but I don't. If some of us don't try to use them, they probably won't offer it long. But, someone has to be the guinea pig and see if their test results are accurate. The only way I know of finding that out would be to test with them and WSU simultaniously. Would be costly, but I wouldn't feel easy unless I tested with both, to compare results. I just got results back from WSU today on my herd, and we are still Negative!!! I've been testing twice yearly for the past two years, I will colostrum test them when they kid, then will probably just test yearly from now on.
  7. New Member

    With WSU you are still negative. What is the titer level? How come they won't tell you? How come if it is not zero your does are still considered negative? How come they used to tell you the titer level and now they don't?

    This is the cool part of using a lab, you can have a personal realtionship with the person who owns the lab, runs the lab and who doesn't have a vested interest in keeping you in the dark. They learn right along with you as they test known positive does, test colostrum etc...Since the onset of WSU's CAE testing Elissa and the hundreds of thousands of dollars of ADGA money going into the lab, why is there no strides in a better test? No being able to tell the difference between a doe who is positive or showing antibody. The only way we will get anything new is to use new labs who are gungho to help us find answers.

    Obviously venting Janie not talking about your herd in any of this. Vicki
  8. Halo-M Nubians

    Halo-M Nubians New Member

    Well, I don't know a whole lot about bioTracking I have used them to check pregnancy in the does for two years. They always respond to my emails right away and are great to work with. That and the fact that they are a smaller and more personal entity, made it an easy choice for me. I'm looking forward to using them for CAE.
  9. MayLOC

    MayLOC New Member

    well, I sent off blood to biotracking last Fri. for preg. test and CAE. Waiting to see how it all comes about. In the past I have tested with a local CSU lab and pavlab--both elissa tested. I will be sending colostrum w/each kidding. I love using my local CSU lab as I can just drop the samples off, and we use them extensively for cattle stuff, but they are a few more dollars also. I think it will be convenient to preg. test and CAE at once.