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  1. I'm getting a goat of mine tested for CAE. Tucker, my nubian x wether. He has ran with the whole herd. Is there a high possibility that he has infected any of my other goats if he does of CAE?

    My two nubian girls came from clean herds, my other nubian kid came from Hannah and was raised on CAE prevention. I do own pygmy goats.

    I cant get everyone tested at once, not after my mare injured herself and i'm going to have a $300-$400 vet bill. I'm planning on sending in the four nubians. If he comes back positive I'll test the pygmys to, ASAP.

    But right now my concern is getting the girls and wether(tucker) tested.
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    a good dose of luck needs to be administered. I think I would worry about the pygmys having CAE as most of the breeders don't practice prevention or have even heard of CAE. good luck.


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    With the number one mode of transmission, colostrum then next milk and the last blood, you can see how hard it would be to catch CAE adult to adult. It would nearly have to be on purpose with blood in any way you look at it except perhaps a dog attack, with a dog biteing one goat after another, that could be plausable. Folks do blame CAE positive adults on all sorts of things, but the reality is, she has always been positive just now is tested for the first time, or is just now throwing titers that are detectable in the blood.

    Don't speculate, just learn to pull blood, it's easy, and send in the tests yourself. Vicki