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Discussion in 'Dairy Goat Info' started by mamatomany, Aug 29, 2008.

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    With the breeding season vastly approaching....and hopefully my girls are totally healthy and pinked up (eyes), should I buy a buck? There is a grade a dairy about 40 minutes from us that has beautiful bucks for sale, pricey $300 each. They would definetely improve my little heard. Just wondering everyone's thoughts on that. She does charge $75 for stud fee.
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    Just like the word Auction, the word Dairy can mean some really different things. But on a whole most make me cringe :)

    Does she have a clean herd? Does she CAE test? Does she have abscess? Does the buck come with a current negative test for both? How many goats do you have? Can you in reality get them to the dairy in heat to be hand bred to the buck and then taken home so they don't spend time at the dairy? If the answer is no, than buy a buck. If you have at least 4 goats than buying the buck is better than going to the dairy 4 times to breed, missing 1 and then going back the next month :) and if you don't want to keep a buck sell him afterward. Can you keep a buck in?

    Think about purchasing a young buck born in the early spring...put a deposit on him now, and grow him out to use on daughters you keep next fall, or on the whole group if you don't purchase and sell back this new buck.

    Be smart.

    Post pedigrees, we don't critique pictures of animals owned by a 3rd party but we do pedigrees. With so many Nubian folks on this forum someone is bound to know her, then we can share the good the bad and the ugly on PM. Vicki