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  1. LynninTX

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    OK we are going to do it!

    We are going to butcher 1-2 goats this yr. So a couple questions??

    Those that do this...

    what age on dairy goat wethers?

    do you vaccinate those you plan to butcher?
    do you do cocci prevention on them?
    If so what are the meat withdrawl times?

    IF we decide to try butchering a doe... what else do we need to know?
  2. Melissa

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    you can butcher wethers at any time but their best at under 6 months old (IMHO). yes, I vaccinate and do cocci prevention because I don't want to spent all that time getting them to butchering age and their underweight or only to have them die. worming is on an as needed base. never did a doe.


  3. Sondra

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    would think if your going to grow them out then yes do same treatments as your others but do check withdrawl times believe it is all in goat 101 saahendoah. because meat is more days than milk. This year I am going to butcher either at birth or within by six to 8 weeks.(dam raised) Am not going to spend money on feed to grow them out.
    We will just have little rabbit bucks. :)
  4. goatsareus

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    we butcher dairy goat wethers at about 8 months of age. We do not vaccinate nor treat for cocci. We do worm. We generally butcher Thanksgiving weekend and typically do not worm within 2 months of turkeyday. So withdrawal time is not an issue with us. Nothing much different with a doe.

    Beth Zaring
    Wellston, Ohio
  5. stacy adams

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    Beth, do you bake 'em like a turkey? & isn't 8 months old a bit big on the dining room table? only kidding... it was just a picture that popped into my mind. lol.