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    Hi all, I have a mature buck, born 2001....he is actually handling rut well, thin but not skin and bones....I put him in again (we tried 20 days ago also) with a yearling that I really want him to breed with. She of course has another desire, my 2yo Jr, Herdsire. She just about ran my old boy to death, so we tried holding her...not fun, nor easy...at one point, he was breeding her (I hope) but my old boy basically fell out onto the ground, it appeared that his eyes actually rolled back for a second and he just laid there splayed out...I bent down and started rubbing him and talking and helped him off his side. He jumped up and seems fine...but, should I do anything? I stayed out with him for about an hour later. He just went over and drank some water. I took her out and decided to try again tmr...or should I just let her have the one she wants?


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    I amd not sure how to help with the breeding part, other then to hold her still and let him bred her. I would just leave her in with the older buck. I bet he will get her bred. But, if you put her in with the other buck now then you will have to DNA test if you plan to register the kids because you won't know for sure who the sire is.

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    bucks tend to fall over after breeding.
    lead her up to the fence so she and the buck she is in love with cant smooch then let the buck you want her bred to do his job while she is busy smooching. :)
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    I bent down and started rubbing him.......... :rofl :rofl :blush2

    I think that is about all the help he needed :) Vicki