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Discussion in 'Dairy Goat Info' started by Liberty Alpines, Jan 3, 2008.

  1. Liberty Alpines

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    :help2 I brought a 9 month old buck home yesterday. This morning one of my 8 month old doelings went into heat. All of the goats have been very mean to this little buck (of course, new guy in the herd), and this doeling wouldn't have anything to do with him even though she is in heat. I finally put her in the milk stand and tried to get him interested, but he wasn't at all except a little sniffing. Any ideas? :help
  2. Feral Nature

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    I have 3 bucks here and the 2 LaManchas are losing interest in the does. One is an adult and one is a buckling. However, the 3rd, a MiniMancha buck is still blubbering some. I have one doeling that came into heat sunday and the LM bucks just were not as excited as before. I had come in from out of town and was unable at that time to manuever goats outside so missed that breeding. Hopefully when that doeling comes back in heat in a few weeks, that MM buck in rut will still have romantic notions.

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    You doe may not be in full blown heat put them together without the other does and leave them alone. It is rather late so you may just need to leave them together 30 days.
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    The biggest problem is that since you let your other goats beat him up he is now scared of your does. I don't blame him. ;)

    Move him into a pen by himself so he can see other goats or but a goat buddy about his size in his pen. If at all possible pen him next to a group of does you want him to breed. He should start acting more 'bucky' and want to breed your does. (This trick always works for our young bucks.)

    It isn't too late to breed but I would make sure you are really watching for heats as it's getting late in the breeding season.

    Good luck,
  5. Ashley

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    Mine was the same, well he actually wouldn't even sniff. ZERO interest in the girls when they both went in heat at the same time. We've been calling him twinkle toes. But the girls came into heat again and boom this time he knows what it's all about, but he's having a little trouble still, so I don't know if he bred them. I couldn't believe it when I saw him mounting the does. I would have been just as suprised if a purple leprechan came dancing across the field I think. He couldn't have cared less about the girls before. He was 7 months old.
  6. NubianSoaps.com

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    It's actually scarry to me that you bring home a new buck and put him in with your goats! And 9 month old buckling being pushed around by an 8 month old doeling?

    Never ever put someone elses stock in with yours!

    OK.....like Sara he would be sharing a fenceline with the does I wanted bred, and they would meet in a neutral location for the actual breeding. But a 9 month old buck should be all over the doe, even if she isn't ready yet! Vicki
  7. Liberty Alpines

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    Thanks for your input. I had this buck penned up by himself, except I let him out with all the does to see if that would do anything to help him... But even when I put one doeling in with him she started chasing him and he ran! I'll keep trying with him sharing a fenceline.