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Hi everyone, new member here and also new to dairy goats as well. I used to raise pygmies, but have found out in a hurry dairy goats are a whole different world. Let me give yall some history.
I raised two Nubian bucks from bottle babies (they are 7 months old now), and decided I was ready to purchase a couple does that would at some point be introduced to my bucks to start my own little herd. Boys are in their own pasture and pretty content. I had been looking for months until I ran across a guy selling a Nubian doe (about 2 yrs old) and her doeling (about 1 month old), pictures looked good however he wasn't able to give me a lot of info on the pair, said a friend gave them to him... Brought the pair home and immediately doe started going downhill. Coughing, nasal discharge, weight loss, lethargic, and udder health poor (very lumpy feeling and full). Doeling as healthy as can be so far. This was on a Saturday, so I had to get through weekend until vet could make a house call. I took does temp. no fever, COULD NOT get any milk to come out of udder (very full but not hot), and immediately started offering plenty of fresh water, very good quality hay, access to woods for roughage, and a little grain. I went ahead and made the decision to start her on LA200 for possible pneumonia (to treat runny nose and cough), I wormed her with Safeguard paste for tapeworms and Ivermectin 1% injectable administered orally for all other stomach worms (very pale eyelids and noticeable weight loss). That is what I had on hand until vet could come that next week. Vet comes out the following Tuesday, started her on Nuflor to help knock out rest of possible pneumonia, and start treating what was suspected as mastitis. Guy I bought her from said he had been milking her...no. Poor girls teats were completely blocked and nothing would come out. Vet reopened teats and milked her out completely, just a note - milk had no discoloration, smell, chunks or stringiness of any kind. Vet advised me to milk out twice a day or more if needed for a while and afterwards insert Today teat medication. After teats were opened up, there hasn't been any more issues with milking, other then she would jump around at first and wiggle a bit. Udders looked better but still small lumps in one quarter. Vet also left me with a tube of Respond vitamin paste to give everyday for several days to help with appetite and energy level. Vet sent off blood sample for CAE and CL tests, which since last visit both came back negative. That was a month ago.
So as of a week ago- no cough, no nasal discharge, energy level good, appetite good (even though she's still too skinny). Milking reduced to every other day, then this week I stopped milking completely so she'll start to dry up, very, very full udder. And that's where we come to the current issues...one of the lumps that I had just assumed would just always be there and were either a milk cyst or scar tissue of some sort, ruptured. These lumps are not on outside of udder, they are inside and never bothered her before when I felt of them. But now, they must be very sore because she jumps around a lot when I doctor them. Going on 3 days now, I have been squeezing out all puss, which is not the dreaded toothpaste consistency of the feared CL, it is just cream colored and liquidy, then I spray Bactrine on it. The other little lump right above the ruptured one now looks ready to pop at any time, and I can only assume since udder has filled to capacity it is forcing these to pop. But that's a guess. Also, now there is a tennis ball sized lump that has formed very suddenly, and looks to be in the opposite quarter. I am suspecting walled off staph at this point, but I don't know. Vet is on vacation and won't be back till next week. If this is staph inside udder, what if anything will fix her up? Maybe Tomorrow teat injections mixed with Naxcel? Will this doe always have staph, and will it always come back year after year? Does this mean her baby automatically has it? Is she contagious to any other goats we have from now on?
Sorry for such a long post, but I wanted to be as thorough as possible. Any ideas or advice is appreciated. I will try to post pictures so yall can see what I have been seeing.


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