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  1. Can bucks bring a doe back in heat or not?
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    Absolutely. I can track heats all of July, August, September and then put a buck in the pen and everyone cycles in 5 days. It's the buck effect. Vicki

  3. Delilah was in Nov. 29-30
    Hannah was in Dec 1-2
    Can't remember exactly at what point they were in standing heat but thats the approx. days.

    So Could I put them next to the buck (So they share the fence row.) Will that bring them in or do they have to be in with the buck?

  4. Gabe

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    You will only have the buck effect if they did not see or smell the buck before.
  5. As in never seeing the buck before? When they were in heat last time my buck wouldn't breed them. Not sure if there's something wrong with him or if he's just not mature enough yet. So I separated them.
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    Yep. The buck effect works. It's used quite often to sync does.

    Have they been on a fence line with the buck? If you had the buck in another part of the farm and put him on a fence line with the does, then he should cause them to come in.
  7. Kaye, No they dont share a fence line with the bucks. They are housed completely away from the bucks.

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    Hmmm.. I'd hate to say something was wrong with him, but I have a 5 month old here that was chasing does.. they were, of course, threatening to kill him, but he was eager none the less.
    I don't know why your buck isn't interested... :/
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    never fear, I've met a buck that was shy as a buckling, but as a yearling he has gotten the job done just fine.
  10. OH he's interested. Loves the girls. He even mounts...but that is as far as he gets. Sighs.
    I'll have to have the vet check him.
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    If the doe's are standing for him, and he is mounting, but isn't actually breeding them....then I would be getting concerned.......Is he so fat at this point that he gives out to quick. Can he unsheath his pecker ? Is he able to spray himself in the face with STUFF..? I would think if this young buck is over 6 months old, he should smell like a rotten pee pot, and act like one too with those open doe's out there. Around here, anything less than that, and I will begin to worry about him a little bit.
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    Oh yeah, it works! We brought 5 yr old Winn to th eproperty and I kid you not, withing 5 hours every doe we had was in mounting, flag waving pacing heat. It was amazing!

    We have one buck that for some unknown reason will act interested but not actually do the deed until nightfall. Whatever, all I care is that he is getting the job done, no matter the time of day.
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    How long should it take for a buck to bring a doe into heat? I have two girls visiting that are getting bred to a buck of mine. They are being house together with him and so far I have yet to see any signs of being in heat (the owner could never catch them in heat either and she has bred many goats...just didn't have a LaMancha buck so thats why they are here).

    They have been here since saturday so almost a week so far. No signs what so ever of being bred that I can see (unless these two are silent heat kind of girls).

  14. His front legs are nasty. But not his face. He is definately not fat. He's 8 mos. And he extends no more then about an inch... I am almost sure that he has not bred either of my does. When he does mount them he gets the tip of their tail messy. But thats it.
    I dont think his height is causing the problems. He is about 2inches shorter at the withers then my 2yr old nubian. (if that.)
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    he should be able to extend farther than that. I would put him In with them maybe he's shy and not trying. If he's in with them he'll get more used to them before they come back into heat. Maybe he can extend he's just not when you were looking. However if thats all he can extend there's something not right. Have you checked him out to make sure, he doesn't have any sore's? they can't breed till they can extend.
  16. No I haven't checked him, dont know how or what to look for which is why I plan on having a vet do it, the vet I use is knowledgable about goats.

    I have let the does run with him couple days before they are in heat to few days after they are in heat. So he has plenty of time to do the deed.
  17. whimmididdle

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    Autumn over at Ravens Heaven just went through this almost same situation with a buck just a few months back. You should PM Autumn and see if she has any advice that she might offer......She had some vet assistance with her bucks problem, but last I spoke with her, things did not turn out well in her case.......maybe you've just got a slow starter.

    Best Wishes , Whim
  18. I have a fullblood Boer buck that as of a few months ago could not extend completely. A New Year's Day baby. In a way it was a blessing since I could not keep that booger in at all!
    He could not extend at all when he was five months old. I had a wether who could extend further than he.
    He's improved but I haven't watched him mounting a doe for the past few months.
    He has until this Spring. I plan to have a vet check him out next time they are out to preg check the cows. If he can't breed I will probably have him wethered and return him to his previous owners who just loved him to death. A 4-Her. Though he makes a great teaser buck if he can't breed.
    My other Fullblood Boer buckling (April born) was not able to extend fully either this past month. He was with a 2 year old that kidded in August. She was standing and cooperative. He was a little short but just didn't extend fully either.
    I've been told Boers are a little slower to mature than dairy bucks.
  19. Thanks for the replies. I hope there's nothing wrong with him. I was so excited to see babies out of him. But that's not going to happen this year, thats for sure.