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    Nubian breeding
    So we are fairly new to the breeding of our goats and was curious about it. I've heard to keep the bloodlines pure you breed the same ones siblings and all? Is this absurd??please help.Our does will be ready to breed in fall
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    In order to have purebreds you just need to breed to another purebred Nubian. I have bred brother to sister, aunts to nephews and uncles to nieces. We then bred those kids to an unrelated purebred buck. If your goats are registered with ADGA, you can play with the planned pedigree tool at to figure out how related some animals are. A little similar blood is OK, but a close relation can be problematic. I only bred my best to my best and used an unrelated buck for the others. Also realize that you have to be willing to cull poor performing animals and know what they look like before you spend money on them. Good Luck!