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    i didn't want to hyjack someone else's thread about breeding a young doe....i have 3 young en's they are all from first of may, diff. does--a snubian, an ober, a pb nubian. they are of good weight (using cloth tape) and eating well, healthy, etc... i had thought i'd breed them sometime in jan/feb. but now wonder if i am asking for trouble? i really dont' want to leave them dry, tho., as i want to see how they milk asap, so i can sell off some of the older gals. my goal is to get a few good milkers, stagger their breeding/kidding times. i really do not want to have dozens of does!

    what say you, oh wise ones??
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    I personally would bred them if in good health have been wormed and cocci treated all along and are 8 mo and at least 95 lbs that is just my standard.

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    Although I breed my kids at 8 months old to kid at 13 months old, I do not recommend it for anyone not working with a mentor in their area to help you find minerals, feed and keep track of calcium intake. Now breeding march kid who is well grown in Jan/Feb I don't see anything wrong with that, she will be 16 months old.

    Just too many problems on the forums each year from folks who breed early because I do it or someone else does it only to leave them with too small of a milker, too big of kids etc.. Way to many very basic management questions. Get a few years of breeding and kidding, have confidence in what you are doing and why you are doing it...and then move to younger kiddings. vicki